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Thoughts On Family and Leaning In

Life isn’t easy, even when we share it with those who love us the most.


Four Must-Haves for Teachers

Favorites for supporting teachers’ wellness throughout the school year


Epsom Salt Baths: Four Takes

Try one of our family recipes for a spa-like experience in your own home


Four Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Sharing our fam-favorite uses for this uplifting oil!


Why Diffusing Is Better

Ditch those candles and switch to a cheaper and healthier alternative!

Winter Diffuser Blends

Get through the winter months with these uplifting, grounding blends

Our Wellness Story

We are all traveling on a wellness journey whether we realize it or not. From eating habits to the cleaners we use in our homes, what we consume and how we consume it matters.


Rest For the Weary

Since the spring, my plate has been overflowing with obligations and to-do lists. From home renovations and inspections and mortgage applications to the daily drain that is life, I’ve found myself nearly completely overwhelmed at the end of every day. And for me, with all of that comes frustration, anxiety and an overall feeling of hopelessness. Since we moved into our sweet new home … Read More Rest For the Weary


On Love and Belonging

This past week, I had the honor and true privilege to train at the Ron Clark Academy (RCA) in Atlanta, Georgia. For you non-educators out there, RCA is a non-profit private school that mostly serves students from low-income households. Co-founded by Ron Clark and Kim Bearden, the school also actively trains educators from all over the world on how to build a learning community … Read More On Love and Belonging



The past several months have been a whirlwind at our home. From trudging through the assessment season in March and April at school to preparing our home for the real estate market, life has been hectic to say the least. Today marks my first Monday of summer break, and I kicked it off by gleaning insight from Tim Keller on sloth and living intentionally, … Read More Resurfacing


3 Spring Break Secrets for Parents

Bracing yourself for a break with your children over the next few days? Check out three secrets from a teacher and mama that just might help you get through the next several days unscathed.

#11: The Storm

“While the path you’re on might not be clear right now, there is so much more life and love in front of you. One step in front of the other, I’m sure you’ll find your way. And women like me who have walked this same road are standing on the sidelines cheering you on.”


3 Self-Care Tips for Teachers

While teachers are known for their devotion and grit, it can come at a cost. Boundaries are important for everyone, teachers included.


#9: Between Lost and Found

This week, we hear from a brave reader who, without asking any questions in black and white, is asking the biggest question of them all: is my life worth living?


#8: Self-Care and Survival

Holidays and boundaries usually don’t mix (without a good deal of effort). This week, we hear from a mama who wants to make the holidays less about stress and more about peace and belonging.


Going Public

No matter how you feel about religion or religious traditions, I think we can all get on board with the idea that owning our experiences and sharing them with others is a helpful practice.


#6: Counting Beautiful Things

Finding peace during the busyness of the holiday season.


#2: The Truth Will Set Itself Free

Co-parenting is tough. But it’s possible if we keep our kids at the center and find healthy outlets for anger and hurt that is sure to come with navigating a divorce with children.


#1: Tired Mama is Tired

Owning our story and caring for ourselves through the process of our becoming isn’t easy. But it is what we all must do if we want to grow and change and bloom.