We are all traveling on a wellness journey whether we realize it or not. From eating habits to the cleaners we use in our homes, what we consume and how we consume it matters.


For most of my adult life, I didn’t pay close attention to what my family was consuming. I guess I figured if it was legal to sell in our local supermarket, then it was okay for us to use. I didn’t read labels of cleaning supplies and I definitely didn’t look outside of our local store for other products that could improve my family’s health and wellness… Not because I didn’t care about my family but because I didn’t think it was necessary.


Over the past several years, people in my family (myself included) have faced their own health challenges. And I don’t know about you, but when I see someone I love in pain or struggling to become well, it gives me pause. I want to fix what is broken; I want to bring a solution to their problem. And sometimes, that’s not always possible.

But sometimes, fixing what broken and finding a solution to a problem is possible.

The Beginning

A year ago, I ditched my skincare routine for something more natural, organic and plant-based at the suggestion of my sister. She had been using a certain brand of sustainably-produced skincare and cosmetic products and when I tried them while we were on vacation together, I was hooked.

There’s something empowering about taking control over even the smallest decision like what daily face moisturizer to use. Breaking out of an habitual mindset into one of information-seeking and purposeful product use was my first step onto a healthier path of wellness for not just myself but my entire family.

Breaking out of an habitual mindset into one of information-seeking and purposeful product use was my first step onto a healthier path of wellness for not just myself but my entire family.

Know Better, Do Better

Once I made a change in products I was using for skincare, I started to pay closer attention to other things we bought for our home – cleaning supplies, laundry soap, bath soap and on and on. And I realized just how many harmful products I was using in our daily lives.

It didn’t occur to me that there was antibacterial cleaning spray or laundry detergent out there that didn’t come with a poison warning. Or that there was an alternative to candles that could make our house smell amazing and provide innumerable health benefits to our minds and bodies.

Charlie and I keep ourselves on a fairly strict budget, so we are still in the process of transferring to healthier products for our home. The goal is for us to continually be more mindful and intentional about how we care for ourselves and our environment so that by the end of this calendar year, we will have replaced all of our cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products with plant-based, healthier alternatives.

Good Things Take Time

If you’re interested in getting your home onto a stronger path towards wellness, know that it. is. possible. And you don’t have to bust your budget to make it happen. There are so many ways to make the shift to a more mindful, wellness-based path of living without sacrificing your financial goals as well.

The first step? Jump into essential oils with me by investing in a premium starter kit. This will kick-start your wellness journey by providing you not only therapeutic-grade essential oils and a gorgeous diffuser but samples of other plant-based, chemical-free products and access to wholesale prices (25% off, y’all!) for all the good stuff you need to create a safer, healthier home environment for you and those you love.

Since every household has different needs and priorities, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan. With your premium starter kit, you’ll also get a personalized 3-month wellness plan to help you maximize the 25% discount on goodies that will most benefit you and your home.

For a limited time, I’m throwing in my two favorite vitality oils – clove and orange – that are not included in the premium starter kit so that you can enjoy all the fall smells on me!

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.31.49 AM

Next Steps

  1. Purchase a premium essential oils starter kit (link).
  2. Email me at danielledchristian@gmail.com to get started on your personalized wellness plan.
  3. Brace yoself for all the amazing benefits that are about to overflow into your life by replacing icky chemicals with all-natural, plant-based goods!


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